Sunday, February 24, 2013

Crafty Creatives

I really enjoy craft bits and pieces, and before I went back to work (and had a bit more crafting time), Leigh showed me the Crafty Creatives website and I signed up.

Basically you pay a monthly fee and get delivered a box of random (yet themed) craft bits and pieces. It's not just one sort of craft either - there always seems to be a bit of everything, paper, buttons, beads, fabric and bits and pieces of crafting equipment (this month it was some needle-nose pliers). Also each month there is a complete craft kit for a small project. Up until this weekend I hadn't done any of them and I have resolved to try them out in the evenings.

The boys have been helping me this weekend - this month's box was spots and stripes themed and the kit was for making a spotty/stripey necklace. With Mother's Day coming up and 2 bored boys yesterday, we made spotty heart necklaces for the grandmothers yesterday (Zachary went a bit mad with spots - it was all I could do to stop him covering the whole thing!) -

Sadly, only one chain came with the kit which the boys managed to break in a couple of minutes, so I need to buy some replacements (!) but other than that it went really well.

We tried another kit this afternoon - make your own bath bombs! The boys love these and we're a regular visit to Lush specifically for them. It was great - the only ingredients are bicarbonate of soda, citric acid and essential oil (all of which were included in the kit and which we more or less have regularly round the house) and although there was a mould included with the kit, we used silicone muffin cases for ours so that the boys had the same each. They're currently drying out...will post a photo tomorrow!!

If you are interested in crafting - the blog on the website is great. There are lots of ideas for using the elements included in the kits as well as links to other people who use them and have posted their ideas too. I am resolving to make more use of these wonderful bits and bobs.

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