Monday, March 23, 2009


L and I are having a gameathon. The original idea was to play through all the board games L has and rate them as 2-player games. This lasted all of 3 games when it became clear that any document purporting to summarise and rate all these games (over 100 now) would be long and dull - not only to read but to prepare!!! Also we'd have had to play 5 different versions of Monopoly - we got through, I don't know, around 6 dice rolls in Nintendo Monopoly before deciding there was absolutely no way we could face playing any more!

But we're carrying on with the majority of the games, just to play them through and make more use of the games we own rather than buying more (added to which L is on a self-imposed game buying prohibition for Lent). Things have been going well. Then we played Boggle.

1st round - I got more words than L but he beat me on the round with the most annoying 8-letter word in the world. Freshens. Annoying because I got 'freshen' as the time was running out and because 7-letter words get you 5 points, but 8-letter words get 11!! Who thought that was a good idea??!! Also, I got more words than L so, even though I lost the whole game by 1 point, I think I have the moral victory.

L is in the lead on the overall tally. Freshens will haunt me forever.

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