Thursday, June 15, 2006


I haven't blogged for ages! feeling a bit bad now, but we had a really great weekend in Derbyshire with our friends and I then had three bits of crappy news to come home to on the Monday! so didn't feel like blogging for a while.

You may have seen from L's blog that we've started doing the "brain training." I was too tired to do it last night, but it's pretty fun and you do see improvement in some of the exercises (calculations are not always so much fun though and just show how poorly I know my 7 times tables...and that I still keep falling into the Yx0 = Y trap of old... at the beginning of maths lessons in the third year at middle school [the delightful Mr Riches] he used to pick two people from the class at random and two sets of tables using his special 12-sided dice (!) - one person to recite one table forwards and the other to recite it backwards. Oh the fun the day when Cheryl had a complete mental block about her nought times table - got sorted by about 6 times nought...).

I see that L has referred to some possible shenanigans over the brain age test - he got a score of 21 yesterday by choosing the 3 tests he did! Though to be fair, some of it isn't his fault - for some reason the machine will not recognise him saying "blue," leading to the word being repeated several times at varying pitches!!

But the big news is that I finally finished my goddaughter's birthday present today! Her birthday was at the end of April but I've been doing a mammoth cross stitch that needed sewing and everything so I only finished today (piccie tomorrow!). It's a banner thing so I also had to go and buy dowel today for the top and the bottom - thank goodness for little country town shops! Went into the DIY shop in Watton today, and they cut my dowel into the right sizes and only charged me for the bit I wanted to buy - hurrah! Quite amusing though - the shop-owner's wife and daughter decided they'd try and saw it for me - standing in the back doorway of the shop, massive saw, no table, no safety equipment, and a lot of jiggling going on as they sawed..... Only in Norfolk.

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