Thursday, January 26, 2006


I'm sure this is something a lot of people have come across, but I'm just getting into freecycling in the Ipswich branch. Basically if you have something you don't want any more then you can offer it up on the freecycle network and if someone wants it they let you know and then come and collect it from you - so no messing about with posting stuff and you can save a whole load of things from going to the landfill. I've managed to get rid of some mobile phone accessories (and nearly a mattress, but they didn't come back to me on that...) and acquired about a forest full of choral and film/musical music! Brilliant! Someone on tere today offering bubble wrap and a jiffy bag and just before Christmas there were bundles of sticks on offer - so really anything goes!

Off to see Parson' Pirates tonight - it's performed by Opera Della Luna whom we've seen before a few times and are ace - it's a play on The Pirates of Pensanze - not sure how close to the original it'll be but we've not been disappointed yet!!


Niles said...

Oooh, you've prompted me to look at the Nottingham one again. There was one in Derby set up ages and ages ago, but none in Nottingham at that time.

Now I look again, and there's a very busy group -- over 1,000 messages in January already!

Just what I need to help clear my house of extraneous tat. There are some people coming round over the weekend to take things away.

Niles said...

Tonight's classic Freecycle posting:

36 bags of crisps
6 bags of cream n cheese nik nacks
and 5 bags of cheese and onion hula hoops all in date we just dont
like cheese flavours