Tuesday, October 11, 2005


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Starting to feel a bit guilty for not blogging for a while so I thougt I'd combine it with trying out adding a photo and hopefully it's worked... This is the brilliant crazy golf course in Bath's park where somehow me and the boy managed to score exactly the same each - despite some really appalling golf!

So what's new? Well, we now have central heating - hurrah! The first tiny leak has been stopped and the bathroom is warm. The best bit was that the men only took one and a half days to do it all - so the house was looking pretty normal again by about 5 on Saturday, instead of having to live with mess all week!

Because we were done so early - went to get some of the smaller furniture from the storage unit and just about managed to avoid becoming embroiled in an all out feud between two blokes about who had used the lift last and not shut the doors properly...it nearly came to blows...

By the way, I like using that elevator - it has those double concertina-ry type metal doors. Reminds me of a similar elevator that used to live in a department store in Yarmouth complete with man to operate it for you...and it makes me feel a bit like Sydney in Alias...oh the geekiness of it all.

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